[Music Sunday] 5 questions with The Devious Angels.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

This week the music Sunday is very special to me, thanks to twitter I've got to know a sweet country duo a few weeks ago, I love to find new music and more than anything I love to talk to nice people that treat their fans so well, so I wanted to do something nice to the blog and give them a little promotion because they deserve all the best then I asked them if they could ask a few questions and they said YES, aren't them amazing, so here we go...

1. Where did the name "the devious angels" came from?
Our band name, "The Devious Angels", was thought up by smooshing Steevie's last name "Steeves" and my last name, "Decious", together. "Steevious" wasn't a real word, so we went with "Devious" and just added "Angels" because we thought it sounded cool. We tried not to think to hard about it. haha!

2. Did you guys have a career before the band?
We've both played in bands since we were teenagers. Steevie was in cover bands in Pennsylvania and I was in a rock band called The Pink Spiders and a country band, Dixie Whiskey, before starting The Devious Angels.

3. Who's is your biggest influence in the business, do you have any idols?
Our influences are all over the map! Any, and everyone, from Celine Dion to The Rolling Stones to Fleetwood Mac to George Strait!

4. Recently Joy Williams from the civil wars said "Piracy has it's drawbacks, but it also has positives" you agree?
Music piracy, like everything else, is a double-edged sword. Like Joy Williams said, it's got it's upsides and it's downsides. Definitely a long discussion that we couldn't possibly get into in such a short interview! haha!

5. If you had to chose, what would be your favorite song on your EP?
Collectively, our favorite song from the E.P. would be "Somebody's Somebody". It was one of the first songs Steevie and I wrote together and, overall, it just sounds so different and we love that.

Thank You so much to The Devious Angels for taking time to answer this. Wish you much luck and a few Grammys in a near future ;)

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