Easter time.

Saturday, April 7, 2012

I've had a horrible week, to say the least, I had some serious problems with my ears and ended having to go to the ER due the strong pain on my ears, dizziness and the fact that I couldn't hear anything, well It started on monday and went through the week until friday morning, so last night * Friday night haha * my bad week has a turn to a very nice weekend when my mom and I decided to go ahead and go to Fair in town, it was fun to be able to enjoy some crazy laughs with her and I won an amazing scarf, it's to die for. (picture to bellow).
And you know easter time is when people hunt eggs and eat chocolate right? not for me, not this year... Thanks to my sweet, lovely, amazing .... mom (*-*) I'm going to give my ears some medicine, because *drumms roll* I'm going to spend my Easter night on a concert, It's a Brazilian singer called Paula Fernandes Concert, as many of you already know I'm not a huge fan of brazilian music at all but I got to know this girl when she released some covers in english to songs like Don't by Shania Twain and Iris by Googodolls and It was really amazing, so I decided to give a shot to her brazilian song and for my BIG surprise it was pretty good. so I'm really excited about this concert, It's not like going to The Civil Wars concert or anything but It's great and this lady is very talented. I may do a Pos-concert Post so the music sunday will be delayed until monday because you know ... tomorrow I'll be on my *concert mood*

1. Scarf.

2. My Ticket.

wish me lucky friends because I'm going to a full concert with at least 70% of my town haha. fun time + sweat and bad smelly people.
Here's my favorite line from Paula's song (psh I'll translate it to english)

" I want to be for you / The trust, who makes you dream everyday / Knowing you can do more and more and more"  - Because who never felt this way?

Have a good Easter friends. May Jesus bring you lots of happiness.

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