Cool iPhone photo apps that aren't so known

Saturday, March 31, 2012

I'm not going to talk about instagram or hiptasmatic, I love these but the idea of this post is to talk about the photo apps that I like and most people don't know (I think?).
I love taking pics, and I love how it is becoming easier, years ago we would need to use all the film and stuff and nowadays you take a pic if dont like it, you delete it and do it again, it's easy but can take away a little of the beauty of the pictures ( I'm a very old school lady at 22) so I'm always looking for picture apps that allow me to give my digital pics some old, or just a different look and so I found some cool ones I don't see people mention often and I decided to make this post, here you go.

1. MagicHour ForMe: this app is one of my favorites because once you get the paid version it gives you a infinity amount of filters, it's free filters market and those filters are submitted by users, and you can creat your owns as well and submit to their market or keep it saved just for yourself for future use, and when you use the market you can search for the kinda of effect you are looking for and download as many as you want, as if you want a vintage filter you search for vintage and find a huge amount of vintage filters. I've been using this since I was an android user and I think that after all this time it may still be my favorite, the only thing that some people may not like about it is that as on instagram the picture has to be square.

2. Qbro: This app has really nice effects, and they explain how to use it all since at first the app can be a little complex, but once you learn it's cool to play with, it has two negative points, all pics are square (which I don't think is so bad since I'm used to it) and the most awful one is that you have to pay for the app and still some of the filters are paid, what is unfair in my opinion and also it's missing frames.

3. ClassicInsta: this one didn't have many effects (they are around 10) but they are lovely to who like to add an old look to their pictures. It's also square pictures and you can edit pics from your camera roll.

4. Camera+: this one has some cool options that allow you to play with light improving the pics quality , you can make it square or whatever you prefer ( this one doesn't force you to square your pics) and it also has some nice effects.

5. InstaPlus: this one is for all the instagram lovers, this app has cool styles and frames, you can combine different effects and frames, and theres an option called open on instagram, once you are done playing with your pics, it will allow you to open the result directly on instagram and share the result there.

6. Instant110: This one reminds me of hiptasmatic but with a positive side that you can use pics from your gallery then make different films, lens and devolopers, once you chose one of the options it gives you samples of each combination, once you chose one of the combinations you can always make changes before saving, I admit instagram has prettier effects but this one is cool.

I hope you guys enjoyed the post, if you try some of the apps, let me know how you like it.

PS: I resized the pictures to make them fit on my layout. Each app has it's own resolution options (or not but the smaller one was 612x612 with instaplus)

- It took me some work to get this post done with my crazy week, but it's here as I said some people I would, so be nice and leave me a comment if you like it and also spread the work. :) Thank you. xx.


  1. awesome!! There's also Leme Cam!

  2. heeey, thanks so much for this informative post, and thanks for notifying me! I really like the look of those pictures that you included, I'll try and see if I can get any of these on my windows phone.
    Have a good Sunday!
    Shiny Bubbles