[Music Sunday] - Good and free music

Sunday, March 25, 2012

It's my first music sunday so I thought I would make it special, so I decided to post some good free music.
Free music is always good, for the fans ears and pockets but what about the artists? well, it's good for them to, with the huge amount of influence that internet is getting into what we hear now days, giving people something free to hear is a great idea.
We can see new artists and very known ones doing that lately, so I'll be posting my favorite free songs out there and maybe you will give a listen? you know... it's free and doesn't hurt and if you like you can buy their music.

1- The Civil Wars: They are very known lately, the country/folk/bluegrass/... duo composed by Joy Williams and John Paul White won two grammys and a billboard magazine cover in the last months, what not everybody know is when they started they first album before the awarded album Barton Hollow was a free live album called Live at the Eddie's Attic and you still can get it and their song Barton Hollow for free on their website

2- Alexz Johnson: Alexz Johnson is most known as Jude Harrison from the tv show Instant Star but after the show ends she have been releasing some really cool stuff. Last year Alexz decided to 'donate free downloads' of her song look at those eyes to a campagn then she released her new ep called skipping stone and you can listen to the whole thing on her website.

3. The Devious Angels: I don't have much to say about them, they are duo composed by a girl called "Steeve" and a boy called "Jon" they have really catchy country songs and are really sweet people, you can download their 7 songs ep totally free in the link posted bellow.

Links to download.

1. Live at the Eddie's Attic & Barton Hollow  click in the 3rd picture.
2. Look at those eyes & Skipping Stone stream
3. The Devil Angels EP

I will talk about each one of them seperately eventually.
have fun and enjoy the free fun


  1. Free music to everyone! Thanks for the good music and tips Lsxie!! xx

  2. I love Alexz Johnson and cannot wait to hear more amazing music from her!!!